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Pour Demain

 Today for Tomorrow


A positive and secure future

for our children and grandchildren

Pour Demain is a non-profit think tank that develops proposals on neglected issues, positively impacting Switzerland and beyond. We are committed to fact-based policies, developing scientifically sound recommendations and facilitating the exchange between science, politics and civil society.



 (Pandemics & Biological Weapons)

Artificial Intelligence

Global Development



of Future Generations

We advocate for Switzerland as an innovative pioneer that proactively addresses critical challenges while strengthening its research and economic position.


Priorities 2023-24


The next pandemic is a question of when, not if. To prevent and combat epidemics and pandemics, Switzerland needs versatile and complementary tools. Investment in pandemic preparedness is worthwhile because it reduces high social and economic losses for Switzerland.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI will shape society over the next few years. Switzerland has yet to identify the opportunities and shed light on the risks of AI, which are still largely in the dark.


About Pour Demain

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Learn more about Pour Demain's approach, working methods, funding, and team, as well as the scientific advisory board.

Collaborators include

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As a non-profit organisation, we rely on your donation:

From CHF 500 we recommend a bank transfer:​​
IBAN:               CH03 0840 1000 0675 5465 2

Beneficiary:     Pour demain

                         Mülhauserstrasse 75

                         4056 Basel ​​

Bank:               Migros Bank AG,

                        Zurich Seidengasse

Clearing No.:   8401



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